Why Financial Planning?

Financial planning helps you fulfill your ambitions - whatever they may be. Whilst you may trust friends and family on many of life's key decisions, a professional financial adviser can help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

Personal financial planning is broadly defined as "a process of determining a client's individual financial goals, purposes in life and life's priorities, and after considering a client's resources, risk profile and current lifestyle, to detail a balanced and realistic plan to meet those goals." Client's individual goals are used as guideposts to map a course of action on 'what needs to be done' to reach those goals.

Alongside the data gathering exercise, the purpose of each goal is determined to ensure that the goal is meaningful in the context of a client's individual situation. Through a process of careful analysis, these goals are subjected to a reality check by considering the client's current and future resources available to achieve them. In the process, the constraints and obstacles to these goals are noted. The information will be used later to determine if there are sufficient resources available to get to these goals, and what other things need to be considered in the process. If the resources are insufficient or absent to meet any of the goals, the particular goal will be adjusted to a more realistic level or will be replaced with a new goal.